Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Garabuli Beach

 Let´s find something positive. Get away form the negative bashing of Libya of the last few days.
The beach.
Especially in Garabuli, one of my favourites. Can only be beaten in Libya by beaches of Burdi (30 km west of the Egyptian border). But lets stay in Garabuli, around 1hr east of Tripoli, shortly before Khoms: You need a good 4x4 such as a Toyota Landcruiser. If you are unlucky to hold an armoured car - forget it. The 3+ tons will get you stuck immediately in the soft, whitish sand. By the way, my Landrover is also not a car to take to the beach. Got stuck already several times in Garabuli. After I got frustrated, I had a driver training from LandRover staff, at the end they said: Take the Landcruiser when you go to the beach...
Once you made it there, you can enjoy the pristine waters of the mediterranean.
Having been dozens of times on Libyan beaches (which, to my opinion, are among the most beautiful beaches of the mediterranean) I am well equipped: Table, umbrella, chairs, football, etc.
And of course you need your own food and drinks. However, these can be bought at the market in Garabuli town.
Surprisingly, the beach is pretty clean. I would say, no difference to two years ago.
It has been argued since many years that Libya has excellent beaches and great antique sites + wonderful desert and great people. If opened for tourism, it would attract many more people than any place in North Africa.  


  1. Sand und flaches Wasser - wie langweilig.
    Das Salzkammergut mit seinen Seen und Bergen ist doch unvergleichlich schöner und interessanter.

  2. na ja, wenn du auf nebel und 3° in der früh stehst dann sicher...also jetzt kommt bald die zeit wo ich liebend gerne meinen geliebten attersee für ein paar monate gegen sonne und sand eintauschen würde...

  3. vielen Danke .. Zum Thema, ich hoffe, mehr anzeigen

  4. Very beautiful location;). I hope i will visit Libia...

  5. Im Sommer liebe ich das Salzkammergut, ab November bevorzuge ich es noch ein paar Runden im Meer zu schwimmen...