Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Elections in Libya III / Gharyan

 During our visit in Gharyan, Kamal Gumaty, famous Guma Al-Gumaty´s brother helped us to find our way through all the election hotspots. And of  course, Stefan Mugitsch, General Manager of VAMED who had some local expertise in the first town of the Western mountains (Jebel Nafusa).

And no visti to Gharyan would be a complete visit without seeing the caves (Tryglodytes) where people have been living since hundreds of years. During summer the caves are never hot, during winter never cold. An ideal place also to store grain, olive oil and other groceries. When we were there, some people still were inside the caves, seeking for a cool place on a day with temperatures over 40 degrees C.

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