Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Austrian presence at Libya Build

Libya Build is by far the most professinal fair of the country.It is a pitty it is limited to the construction industry.
Austria wanted to participate at this fair already in 2011 , but then a small revolution came in between. However, this year we managed to motivate 16 companies to come to Libya and exhibit their products in hope for future business. Already three days before the fair opened, our pavillion was ready. To the complete surprise of my colleagues from Vienna.
So there we are, at Libya Build 2013. Very nicely located in hall number one, just some meters away from the main entrance.
We even brought famous "Johann Strauss", the father of Austrian Waltz, with us. Some people stop and ask who the guy is. Some even wnt to know if we still met him (the answer is "no", we are all, even together, to young for that).
If you are interested beforehand which Austrian companies are present, please visit the online catalogue under

Ahlan wa sahlan !

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  1. Austria is a wonderful country with very friendly people and great products! We wish you success and good business at the Libya Build 2013! Compliment for the nice, good located pavilion.