Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Excursion to Gharian

One can not really say  that the surrounding of Tripoli is boring. Totally the contrary. Just that fr many foreigners security restrictions hinder them to visit spots such as, for example, Gharian. The first town up in the mountains (Jebel Nafusa) offers astonishing views northwards, direction Tripoli, and sometimes when the sky is cool and clear, even up to the sea.
But also the "Friday Market" is well worth a visit. Very colourful, authentic and you can even by falcons.
well, at least this is what I thought. However, a friend when I showed him the picture, said it was rather a pigeon. But no doubt this is something wilder than a pigeon. And for 30 Libyan Dinars it could be yours.

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