Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

"Zintan is problem"

One of the rare times when I heard "mushkila" (problem) without the "mafish" (not) as a prefix, happened when I wanted to go from Wamis (Northwest of Mizdah) towards Zintan. According to my various maps there should be a road, and also the mountains of Zintan could easily be seen. But the people from Wamis (from the tribe of the Mashashias) told us various times "Zintan mushkila",  and explaining later on that they had just, a couple of days ago, exchanged some bullets, rockets and alike.
So it was not very wise to use the road from Wamis to Zintan, as the people from Zintan could take our car as belonging to Wamis. They would not hesitate shooting at it.
I believed the people from Wamis and thanked them for their friendly advise. Before leaving they still showed  us the highlight of their town, namely a collection of recent leftovers...

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  1. Great written, compliment! I laughed myself to tears about the mushkila issue! At this point I like to tell you how much I enjoy your great blog, Mr. Bachmann! Thank you for keeping us posted...