Montag, 12. November 2012

Beach retreat of Gadaffis sons

If you have visitors these days, you must show them all the treasures of Tripoli. This includes also fallen treasures, or sights from the revolution. One of them are the beachhouses of the sons of Gadaffi in the former foreigner compound "Regatta".
The poshest of them is one directly on the sea, with an own little bay, an infinity swimming pool and lots of amenities, such as Gym, etc.

I do not remember anymore if it was Saadi's, Hanibal's or Muatassim's villa, which anyhow does not matter anymore. It is a spooky atmosphere, as the house was burnt down and hardly any other people are around, as the whole compound is closed for the public.
One can see the remainders from more glorious days, I am sure some of the revolutionaries still had fun driving around with the jet ski.

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