Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Visit to Zintan

Bored during the weekend ? Why not go to Zintan ? About two hours easy drive away from Tripoli, Zintan makes a great excursion destination. Passing Ghariyan, the first settlement in the Jebel Nafusa (Western Mountains) one imagines why the troops of Gadaffi found it so hard to take the territorry. I was surprised how few checkpoints there were, the only majour one we encountered at the entrance to Zintan itself.
There a young men saluted us and wanted to chit-chat with us. (Us: a group of European colleagues)

Of course we were shown the Zintah museum, with some impressive paintings, and a lot of old ammuntion, weapons, tanks, etc.
A colleague asked if we could see Seif - but the response was just a laugh.
At the end we managed to see one of Gadaffis buses. But it seemed to be an old model, a bus that he might have used in the 70ies or 80ies.

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