Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Land Rover and Jeeps on the beach near Khoms

"You should not take your Landrover to the beach!" I will write this 500 times this week. Or maybe I should keep trying, until one day it works ? Anyhow, it is a bit frustrating getting stuck every time I go on the beach. And yes, I did let the air out of my tires. But the electronic in this ultra modern car, combined with a weight of nearly two tons, does not make it the ideal vehicle for Libyas beaches.
Luckily, within one hour, many friends came and tried to rescue us. It was a trial, at first, because you cannot pull out a Landrover with a Jeep Liberty. No way.
At the end, a Cheep Grand Cherokee with a 4,7l Turbo engine saved us from having to sleep on the beach.
Thanks Nasr ! 

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  1. Purchase one of these cheap Russian MBT, i. e. Main Battle Tanks, and you'll never face this problem again ... :-) bela