Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Austrian Airlines resuming flights to Tripoli

Mabrouk !

Austrian Airlines decided today to resume their flights to Tripoli as of tomorrow, 20 February 2013. Flights were suspended for a period of two weeks because of security reasons.
So gone are the hour of waiting at Istanbul Atatürk airport (though: GREAT lounge with Do&Co catering), or hoping your luggage will make it through Rome Fiumecino.
Flights will take off five times a week, Sunday to Thursday, leaving Vienna 9.55 arriving Tripoli 12.45. Leaving from Tripoli 13:50, arriving Vienna 16:45.
From there you can continue to many destinations worldwide.
Did you know that through Vienna you have the fastest connection to London (except the direct flight)?

Now comes the bad news: Prices are -like with all other airlines - rocket high. However, only swimming is cheaper....
You don´t need to got to their ticket office in Bur Tarabulus, 2nd floor, you can also book and purchase your ticket online on www.austrian.com and select "libya" as your home country.

And a last good news: Austrian Airlines promised not to take out randomly flights in the future.
Thank you ! 


  1. Its good news that Australian airline expanding their routes like wise southern airline did before 5 years back it has no flights to Islamabad from Heathrow but now there are weekly three to four flights towards Islamabad only.

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