Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Revolution Anniversary Celebrations in Tripoli

 What an evening and night. 17 February, the anniversary of the day when everything started in 2011. It actually started already on February 15 in Benghazi, but we don´t want to be picky now.
Thousands of cars poured into the center when night fell over Tripoli. Most famous neighbourhoods where people said that the mood was best were Fashloum, Dahra and Souq Jouma, but in principle the whole city was a party place.
One Libyan told me he thinks there are "at least 50 million cars" out tonight, but I doubt that figure a bit ;-)
Old and young, men and women, beautiful and ugly - everybody   was on the streets.
Especially at checkpoints the crowd went wild, got out of their cars, started dancing, waving the flags, singing and chanting.
I had one person telling me on Twitter that on 1 July 2011 the crowd was definitely bigger and more people were out. Well, maybe, I cannot tell, as I was in Tripoli only July 20. But I can tell  one big difference from the "Green" parties to the ones  you see these days:

It´s the huge smile on peoples faces....

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