Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Restitution of Houses

In our neighbourhood about half of all houses are currently un-inhabited. Deserted and left alone. Their owners were part of the regime (like one of our direct neighbours, the former Minister of health), or had one of their relatives very close to the regime.
Like the house of Jaluds son, which you can see on the first pictures. People have sprayed on the walls of the houses either revolutionary slogans or indications of whom the house belongs to.

I guess this will still be a lot of discussions between current owners of houses, the former owners (until they got expropriated in the 70ies) and in many cases a lot of heirs.
Already before the revolution a restitution plan was elaborated, but no action was taken.
I guess it is not getting any easier. 

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  1. All the houses taken illegally, by force & with tricks from the rightful owners during the Gaddafi regime should be given back without any longer hesitation to the rightful owners! This is a question of justice & respect... New democratic Libya should urgently eliminate former law no.4! Otherwise the new regime follows in the footsteps of the old dictatorship regime! My point of view: if hangovers of the old dictatorial regime are still existing now, the blood of freedom fighters is not respected by the new government!