Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

If it´s February, it´s Austrian Airlines

Finally, this long January with its 31 days has come to an end. I can turn over the page to the next month in the Lufthansa group calendar and see Austrian Airlines 777 gliding over the alps.
Too bad February has only 28 days...
Austrian Airlines are flying 5 times a week from Vienna to Tripoli and nearly always returns the same day. If it desn´t get stopped by militias at the tarmac. Or if snow storms hinder it from taking off from Vienna.
But wait, since a couple of months, they are cancelling  flights on the Tripoli route.
Just like that.
Not too often, but lets say, once to twice a month.
But don´t worry, you will notice it the latest when you arrive at the airport and the friendly airport staff tells you:
"Today mafish Austrian" (Today no Austrian)
Luckily there is Lufthansa flying every day.
Without cancelling flights randomly.

By intense spying I found out about the next cancelled plane already one week in advance !!
So watch out, February 7 flight to Tripoli is cancelled.


  1. Und was ist mit dem 15. Februar, dem Tag der "libyschen Festspiele" 2013 ?

    1. 15.Februar ist ein Freitag, da gibt es keinen Flug, geflogen wird Sonntag-Donnerstag

  2. Until now i was proud about Austrian Airlines and tried to fly when ever it was possible to fly with this Airline but now I have to think about it thoroughly. Cancel flights on regular base is bad enough, but to cancel flights without informing passengers is really disrespectful. Only for information - not just the flight on Thursday the 7th February is canceld also the flight on Tuesday the 12th February is canceld.

    regards to Austrian Airlines and the Lufthansa Management in Libya