Montag, 26. März 2012

Concrete production by Asamer started again

After a year of standstill, the Libyan-Austrian Joint-Venture JLBM (Joint Libyan Building Materials) has started its operation again. JLBM is owned by the Libyan Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF) and the Austrian building materials group Asamer. The latter is also well known in Libya for its three cement factories in the east of the country.
So business has resumed, in former time concrete was the essential "raw material" for all the high rising buildings, hotels and also housing projects. The main production facility is located in Tajoura, a suburb of Tripoli, east of town. The malaysian construction company Ranhill had been awarded a huge contract for the errection of 40.000 housing units. Having passed there just a couple of days ago, I could not see movement or sign of Ranhil commencing their activities again.
However, the private housing sector is quite strong at the moment. Many people repair, upgrade or newly build their houses. And whatever you build, you need concrete.
Asamer themselves have returned since late 2011 to Libya and are keen on getting back to their pre-revolution output.

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