Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

24 hours in adventurous Tripoli

Arriving in Tripoli, coming from europe always is an adventure. At least the first 24 hrs. Always something new (well, some of you might now: Aristoteles already said: "there is always something new coming out of Libya").
So arriving with Lufthansa from Frankfurt (Saturday no Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to Tripoli) we approach Tripoli international airport. Scheduled landing: 11:55, at 11:45 decent to the airport starts. German punctuality... Suddenly the decent stops, and the plane starts circulating over the airport. After some minutes the captain announces:
"Dear passengers, we cannot land at the moment, because there seems to be a fire on the runway"
Some passengers smile, others (mostly foreign businessmen, apparently the first time to Libya) start looking at each other in disbelieve.

After 15 minutes circulating, the plane lands, it is still not known to me what the fire was, however, the smoke can be seen on the two fotos above.
On the way from the airport to town I experienced the usual ghost drivers, driving on the wrong direction of the highway blinking their lights, as they come into your direction with high speed.
At the big "Bab Tarabulus" crossing some Thuars take their position and play with their toys, the AA guns (see photo below).
The first majour news I receive is about the new Decree 36/2012, freezing over 300 companies and institutions. I shall find out the full extend of this law today. Quite a big impact for all those companies having a J/V with most of the Libyan institutions.

Back home I realised that a Gibli (desert storm/hot wind) was approaching meaning a hot night.
Well, and today ?
Too many news to tell them all:
Decree 36/2012, Benghazi elections, Megrahi died, it is very hard to keep with the pace of things as they are happening in Libya at the moment.

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  1. I guess there is an urgent need for an ACCURO Fire Protection System ;-)