Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Hugo Chavez Football Stadium, Benghazi

Hugo Chavez soccer stadium, opened in Benghazi on March 5, 2009. I wonder if it is still named like this ? I spotted this sign at a recent visit with LIDCO, Libyan Development Company, which built the stadium.
Very interesting football match they chose for the opening: Libya against Syria. I wonder who had won then.
Anyhow, under whatever name it will be, it can be used for the African football cup, which was scheduled to take place in Libya in 2013 but was swapped with South Africa, meaning that Libya´s turn will be 2017.

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  1. Um hm. And if somebody finds that gold replica of Simon Bolivar's battlesword that Chavez gave Gaddafi, please take it back to the Venezuelan embassy - we want a refund! (But only after Chavez dies - which should be any time now...)