Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Austrian Air Force in Libya

The pride of the Austrian Air Force: Hercules C-130 arrived in Tripoli on 3 May. On board: 18 medical doctors, nurses, physotherapist, in total 30 persons.
Wafa (we are for all) helped organize this humanitarian trip initiated by the Society for Austro-Arab Relations, during which many operations, consultations and therapies were carried out.
But why would they not take Austrain Airlines www.austrian,com , flying five times a week Vienna-tripoli?
Was it because of the catering?
Or maybe comfort?
Or did the pilots need some training hours ?
No, the real reason was that tons of medical supplies and equipment was brought to Libya. Donated by Austrian companies an institutions.

Although, when our beautiful bird arrived at Tripoli international airport, the usual confusion broke out:
"Why is this plane here?"
"Where are the visas?"
"Where are the import licenses for the goods?"

After grilling two hours on the rollway, everything was resolved.
"Mafish mushkila"

If you are interested in more activities of the Society for Austro Arab Relations (GÖAB-SAAR) pls. follow the link: 

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