Montag, 7. Mai 2012

Tripoli-Djerba Adventure Rally

Although I am living in an exciting city, sometimes the need to go somewhere else comes up. If it should not be by plane, the closest other decent place (than Tripoli) is Djerba. 300km away, in former times doable in 3,5-4hrs. Ok, border/customs control could be adding another 1-2 hrs sometimes.
These days travel between the two "free" countries took us 6 hrs.
Some checkpoints on the way, although some do not look as such, like the last Libyan checkpoint before the border (see picture above).

And then of course some unexpected issues can always come up. In our case it was an argument of some people at the border. Exactly when we wanted to cross the border, the small booth housing the customs officials went on fire. So we had to push back and wait for some time, and then use another lane.

Coming back, traffic on the Tunisian side was simply unbearable. Dozens of trucks, waiting to be expected by Tunisian officials, blocking the road. Interestingly most of the goods transported were carpets (actually industrial carpets) from Libya. Second most spotted product: Bananas from Ecuador. Also coming from Libya.

Eventually, one makes his way past all the obstacles, goes through some Tunisian military checkpoints, and, Alhamdulilah, ends up in "Free Libya" (Libya al Hurra). The border checkpoint (see below) welcomes you friendly, and when you see cars driving on the wrong side of the road, you now you have finally made it to Libya.

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