Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Corinthia vs Radisson Blu in Tripoli

Interestingly, when it comes to hotels with international standards, Tripoli can offer only two of such kind:
The Corinthia Bab Africa hotel and the Radisson Blu. Of course, if you ask the management of either hotel, then the reply must be "There is only on hotel fulfilling international standards".
For me, it is still an open battle. At the beginning of the economic boom (2006/7), Corinthia was the only top end hotel in town. That´s also why they could charge rates of 350 EUR and above. No discount. For anybody. However, as of 2010 other hotels entered the market: Intercontinental with the Waddan, Rixos (Al Nasr), Four Points by Sheraton Hai Andalus and of course Radisson Blu Mahari. Oh, I nearly forgot, Mariott also opened a hotel. Actually it was opened on 17 February 2011. Great day for a grand opening. Too sad it was closed the next day again. I dont want to give a Tripoli hotel history lecture here, but rather compare the two only remaining int´l hotels in town:
When it comes to price, Radisson is up by at least 10-20% over Corinthia. However, I consider amenities more or less the same. In both hotels you have gyms, spas, outdoor pools, restaurants, etc. Radisson claims to have the best Italian restaurant in town (I must admit, it is good...) while Corinthia has the largest buffet style lunch and dinner (and a brunch at weekends). From the location it depends what you need to do. Traffic has become a nightmare and both hotels are equally convenient located. However, Corinthia definitely does have better parking facilities. If you have an appointment in Radisson, you rather go by Taxi, or you have to take the car with you inside the lobby.
During the sunny months, Radisson has a nicer atmosphere, sitting on its terrace either overlooking the pool (in the restaurant) or just having the chillout feeling on the outside terrace in the coffee shop. But this was not always like this, as it opened only 2010 after a complete refurbishment of the old Mahari hotel.
And the future ?
Well, lets see: Two days ago I was attending the handover ceremony from the current Marketing & Sales Manager, Unay Turkoz and his succesor Silvia Jurecka (see also photo). Listening to the words of the Director Generall of Radisson, Silvia shall continue the succesful way of her predecessor who started in Libya over a year ago.
I wish her good luck.
She will need it. 

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