Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

What REALLY happened

Three weeks ago I tweeted I would leave the country due to a security incident. Many of you asked what had happened. However, it was not the right time to give the full version in order not to make the story bigger than it was.
Since then I have heard many stories through many different channels. Some of them seem to come back with amendments. In order to keep the truth, I decided to write the sort version on my blog:

"I was kidnapped, held hostage for three days, tortured, beaten"

"I had a rave party with loads of alcohol. In the morning, my Libyan friends who I invited, got very annoyed as there was no alcohol left. So they beat me."

"I was abducted, questioned and tortured for the role that Austrian companies played during Gadaffi time"

I went running in the early afternoon in an area I use to run regularily and that I consider "safe" (no, not Regatta).  People there know me already. After approx. half an hour a car approached me in high speed, honking and shouting towards me. After stopping and getting out they immediately slapped me in the face. I decided to run away. They followed (chased) me in their car and managed to catch me after a couple of minutes.
They drove me away, towards their house, where we got out of the car again. One of the guys was very drunk and did not stop shouting at me that I was an Israeli spy. 
After some time and after I could have a closer look at some weapons, I was delivered at a nearby militia, where  I was handed over as an Israeli spy. The militia (Kateiba) treated me very nicely, sent the guys that brought me there away, and brought me home. The whole thing took about 2 hours.
At the end everybody apologized and said the usual "Mafish Mushkila"....