Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Manner at Tripoli International Airport

Arriving at Tripoli International Airport is a rather disappointing experience. No wonder, the airport was supposed to be out of service already, and a new building, with a capacity of 20million passengers should be in service. But, like with almost all other projects, no decision has been taken which project shall be restarted first. In addition, some projects are considered to be politically induced, so it might happen that they might be cancelled.
This means it will still be some years that visitors to Libya arrive at the old airport. However, at least the arrival hall is a provisional building, meant so serve 2-3 years, as the old arrival hall was completely unacceptable.
But this time I saw a nice surprise: On (Libyan) passenger had a "Manner" bag as his handluggage. Luckily Manner is widely available in Libya, so the publicity and demand for Manner by this bag can be fulfilled. 

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  1. Gerüchteküche, dass es bald eine "big news" geben soll, Benghazi betreffend den 15. Februar 2013 im Blick.