Montag, 18. März 2013

Easter Bbq at Franco´s

Euro crisis, austerity programme, elections, Beppe Grillo, Silvio Berlusconi, ...
When it comes to food, for an Italian all of that is forgotten. What really matters stands on the table. And when Franco Caparotti, born in Africa and having been in Libya for over two decades, calls for a barbecue, the whole "old" expat crowd arrives. A "new" expat from French Total feels stupid among all the Libya veterans, as she has been in the desert metropolis only for one year.
All of a sudden I also realised how many Italian nationals are back to Tripoli. Most of them work in oil and gas, but also transport, construction and some other fields of activities attract the spaghetti lovers.
With Franco one wonders only how he can maintain and even further reduce his weight with such a great cuisine.
There is only one explanation: It must be the very demanding and stressful job with an Austrian energy group in Libya.  

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  1. Die linke Hand scheint auf eine libysche "gelatine bomb" zu deuten.
    Noch lacht er.