Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Tchad´s new business friends

Tchad can be seen as "classical" African country with vast natural resources: Oil, minerals, agriculture... and, what also comes with it recently: a lot of chinese businessmen (and women) arriving in N´djamena. Luckily for them, at the airport already they are guided to the right hotels.
In the 5 star hotels you see them having dinners with ministers and having their deals finalized. Deals which are then clearly visible, such as the construction sector.
On a different note, one sees every other project financed through the EU, starting from Medical Centers to capacity building in all different sectors up to rural projects.
Definitely a sense of boom can be felt in the air. But at 44° centigrades every day, combined with sandy wind, the feeling is a very hot one.  


  1. The Chinese are keen on resources, resources and nothing else than resources... :) Africa fits in their "predator-prey system"!

  2. Unerhört, diese Chinesen.
    Damit ist Tchad endgültig reif für den nächsten Regime-change.