Montag, 4. März 2013

What really happened, Part 2

Truth is a daughter of time, and the time has come to continue the story of
"What really happened".
If this does not ring a bell immediately, I recommend you first read my Blog entry about my abduction in November last year:

So, after I flew to Vienna, we informed the Libyan authorities that I had been abducted, mistreated, beaten and finally handed over to a nearby militia.
It was quite easy for one of my colleagues to find out the identity of the aggressors. After my colleague (through the help of a militia) came into contact with the two attackers he found out they were a middle class Libyan family who even own a not so small business. They then came to our office and tried to start negotiating how the case could be settled. At the same time they apologized and said they were extremely sorry, but several circumstances led to their acts.

After I came back to Tripoli we first met the two brothers of the attackers (in total they are four brothers) and then the two other brothers in person at the headquarter of the militia that had originally taken care of me. They are stationed in a nice villa of a former regime person (see first photo).
They apologized at first instance, started kissing and hugging me and stating that if they knew me from the beginning they would never have done that again.
"Mr.David, you are such a nice person. You know Manner Schnitten? I always buy them for my kids."
After that, we still made it clear to them that taking me for an Israeli spy, looking for positions to bomb in Tripoli was a pure stupidity. However they argued, that I was wearing a GPS watch and it was clear to them that I was marking bombing positions for Israel, who had just the day before attacked Gaza.
They then went on admitting that they had drunken "a bit" of alcohol, and then, especially one of the brothers would become a wild beast.

In the end we hugged and one of the brothers revealed that they had a car washing station.
Whenever i felt like, I could come to wash my car at their place in the future.
If I had any problems with people from my neighbourhood, I should even contact them.


  1. Darf ich lachen? Ich meine, wenn das Schlimmste vorbei ist und es noch eine gute Anekdote abgibt, darf man doch richtig fett ablachen, oder??? Zumal Humor nicht schaden kann beim Überleben in Libyen!!

    Grüße von Bianca Savcenco

  2. Aber klar doch, Bianca - ich kann darüber auch herzhaft lachen wenn ich die Geschichte erzaehle ;-)