Dienstag, 12. März 2013

"Green" investments in Africa (Tchad)

Libya  has a considerable stake in many hotels, telecom companies, farmland, all over Africa. A prominent example can be seen on this picture: The Kempinski hotel in N´djamena, Tchad. By far the biggest, most modern hotel, a real landmark. Too bad it is a bit out of town, and I also doubt that occupancy is very high.
In Libya the Libyan Africa Portfolio (LAP), a subsidiary of the Libyan Investment Authority, was responsible for investments in Sub-Sahara Africa. Investments through the LAP were of course done within the political framework of the government at that time and should, in addition, bring a positive return on the investment.  During the last one-two years LAP also invested in Ukraine, Russia, etc.
But lets continue with the Kempinsky:
Here, Austrian history was written in 2008: when our troops landed in N`djamena, it was just the day when rebels overran the capital. However, we were warned by the French. Luckily, the Kempinsky had some empty rooms available, so our soldier could find a safe retreat there, until the French Army came to rescue our boys.


  1. Früher gingen die Soldaten in einem Erdloch in Deckung. Heute im Kempinsky.
    Die Zeiten ändern sich.

  2. Ein Schelm, der Böses dabei denkt, aber a bissal "gfernst" is a scho, unser Herr WD.....

  3. äääh... was ist den "gfernst" ? Wüsste nur zu gerne wie ich bin !