Freitag, 15. März 2013

Old projects on hold

Nearly all of the old government financed old projects are on hold. So what is happening to them in the meantime ? One project is very close to my office: It is an office tower development project on the premises of the old "Oea Brewery"which, at that time, was owned by a family with Italian roots. However, the cardbord that announced the new project, can be found among all the litter thrown into the excavation for the ground bricks.
During a meeting.
In the meantime during a meeting with the Housing and Infrastructure Board´s director (HIB) , Mr.Ajaj confirmed that everything is ready to start. However, companies should start without any precondition, especially when it comes to war damages and compensations. Oh yes, and provided HIB gets removed from the EU sanctions list (Libya has to ask for it first). And provided the budget for 2013 is being put forward in the National Congress. Inshallah.

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