Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Bangladeshis invading Libya after sabbatical year

Finally, Asian workers, also so called TCNs (third country nationals) getting in larger numbers back to Libya. In this specific case about hundred workers from Bangladesh were spotted in Istanbul, boarding their plane to Tripoli. Of course they were all "revolution" branded, wearing baseball caps with the new flag, but in principle they just took a sabbatical year off in their home country.
The whole subject with TCNs is not unproblematic: Should Libya allow again thousands, yes, millions of foreign workers to enter the country? And thus impeding international contractors to hire Libyan workers? Many Libyans are imposing the idea of opening the borders again. However, in the short run, they will have no other choice: Electricians, welders, macons, whatever profession you look for, there is a shortage of trained people in Libya. Vocational schools do exist in large numbers, but most of them are useless.
If reconstruction is to start fast, there is no other way than letting companies hire the TCNs again. In the long run, politicians have found out that only education can be the key to success and higher employment rates of the Libyan workforce. At the moment 30-50% of the under 30y old are without work.

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