Montag, 23. April 2012

Libya Youth Center, Dahra

Nina Boroufka, Project Manager of the "Libya Youth Center", enjoying her coffee after having worked non-stop for many months now. And the efforts shall be rewarded soon. Let´s start from the beginning:
Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA), an Austrian NGO started to focus its activities on Libya already during the early days of the revolution. Its secretary general, Heidi Burkhardt, travveled as early as April already to the Jebel Nafusa, delivering humanitarian aid to the war plagued "Rebels´ area".
After the fall of Tripoli, HWA continued their efforts, and also participated in a tendering process for the installation of a youth center for traumatised libyan children and teenagers.
The whole project was and is financed by the Austrian Oil company OMV and fits into their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

Nina started as project co-ordinator in Libya in November 2011 and made the nearly impossible, possible. Remember the old saying among foreigners: Libya, where the possible becomes impossible, and the impossible becomes possible.Within only a few months a house for the center was found, additional staff (e.g. psychologists) hired and the whole center was adapted to its specific needs.
Only a few days ago the first kids were received in the center. Actually it was the screening process to identify those children who need special attention and treatment. Nina and her team visit schools and kindergardens to also convince teachers of their work and the need to identify the children and teenagers in need of treatment.
These days the preparations for the grand opening are under way. Some more days, and you will read on this blog about it.
Oh yes, and if you have kids or teenagers who you think need treatment - feel free to visit them in Dahra !!

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