Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

OMV back to pre-revolution production

OMV is getting back on track, thanks to Libya. It took me some time to understand the article from the Austrian Broadcasting Service, so lets sumarise it:

OMV produced 299.000 barrel oil per day during the period 1-3 2012, after producing 304.000 barrel per day during the same period 2011. However, nothing is indicated about the exact production in Libya, just the info that 10% of all production comes from Libya.
So I guess the blue globe (see photo) will soon start getting bigger (eventually it has become bigger already, as the photo was taken some weeks ago...). Meanwhile, OMV staff  is quite present in Libya and produces together with its main foreign partner Repsol (Spanish) and local oil companies Libyan oil.
From other press releases it is known that OMV has reached nearly pre-revolution production in Libya.

Within the Austrian community OMV is also well known in Tripoli for having one of the strictest security regulations among foreign companies: No chilling out in one of the many bars and nightclubs in Tripoli, no shopping after sunset on Ghargharesh road (which is locally also referred to as "Rodeo Drive of Tripoli") and no possibility of getting in contact with one of the many other temptations Tripoli can offer.
Work as work can. And of course: Sport - they all have a very tight training program, their compound offers excellent facilities.
It is nice to be a purist.

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