Montag, 2. April 2012

Garbage Collection in Tripoli

Garbage is piling up all over Tripoli. The collection trucks pick up the garbage very irregularily, at some places never. Desperate Tripolitanians bring their garbage away from their house to wherever they find place for it. The best place for it  always seems to be the beach. Small hills start being built there and once summer and hot temperatures arrive, the smell will be horrifying.
In the morning, on second ring road, the smoke of garbage being burned lets yourself feel as you were in London or Vienna on a grey foggy November day. Once a bit of wind starts the smoke gets carried away, but the smell remains.
an austrian company used to have the contract for elaborating a garbage concept for the east of Libya. Their asessment after nearly 2 years was that it needed at least three years to establish a well working garbage collection system. And this was before the revolution. I guess one should add another one-two years under today´s circumstances.

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