Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Airport Visa at Tripoli International

Did you ever come to Libya with an airport visa (Visa on arrival) in your pocket ? Then, probably the picture above might look familiar to you. And neither will the sweaty shirt of a European businessman surprise you. With temperatures around 30 degrees in the immigration area and sometimes hours to wait, you rather wear a cotton shirt. Having a visa on arrival means that somebody in Libya (either a private person, or a Libyan institution/company) has invited you and managed to have a "visa on arrival" sent by immigration to the airport.
Immigration officers at the airport look up their huge files whether they find your visa. My experience from the last few months is that each and every single visa has been found. Sometimes it just took a bit longer, because European and Libyan (Arabic) transcription makes things difficult, and quite often the first and second Christian name is taken for the full name. I have seen also already cases where the Visa was found under the family name "Austria", as the nationality was mistakenly taken as part of the name. So if your visa is not found immediately, ask the immigraton officers to look up under e.g. "Lorenzo Italia"  - it might bring your heartbeat down...

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