Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Fugitive Bull Ivan captured 4.03 AM


My dear readers,
sometimes you need to get some positive news while being in Libya. The last few days, with incidents at the airport, people stranded, new decrees ("blacklist", new Law on Joint Ventures, etc.), election date unclear, visiting businessmen from Austria, etc. leaves me often with the impression how it is possible to have so many things happen in a single day.
But I enjoy it.
However, sometimes, if I am in real need of some positive news, I look up the webpage of the Austrian National TV - ( ORF )
And every day there is at least one very positive breaking news.
Today´s news is about "Ivan the Bull".
Ivan was fugitive for nearly half a year, strawling around during six months in the eastern Austrian province of Burgenland. But yesterday, all efforts were taken and Ivan was trapped with a cow that was put close to where people suspected him. Already at midnight Ivan started flirting with the cow, and shortly before they became intimate, the trap closed.
Mashallah !

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