Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Libya Build 2012

 I nearly forgot to post my visit to the Libya Build ! Well, better late than never....
From 20th-24th May Libya Build reopened its doors for the first time after the revolution. After it closed its doors again, the organisers (ATEX) stated that it had a record participation of visitors. All stands were sold, however, not all of the countries that participated before the revolution did so in "Libya al Hurra". But it will come.
France, of course, and also Italy both had large group stands. In the Italian case - the Italian minister for Industry, comerce (and ssome other areas - kind of a "super minister") came personally for the opening of the fair.
When the official ceremony was over, my french colleague became very nervous: "I have to rush now to my pavillion, because the Libyan Minister for Economy will certainly visit the French pavillion first!"
To bad the minister went to the Italians first.
Well priorities first...
Luckily I did not have to rush anywhere, as Austria did not have a national pavillion (but two companies participating).
So I could enjoy meeting Guma Al Gamaty, whom we invited to Vienna for a conference in December last year. Always cheerful, and apparently already touring for his political party, he enjoyed the bath in the crowd.
Altogether: Congratulations to ATEX, excellent fair !

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