Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Queen´s Birthday

 When Her Majesty, the Queen, celebrates her birthday, British Embassies are organising their famous invitations at their residences.
Even in Tripoli. Of course, under strict security provisions, dozens of Libyan military personnel in front of the British Residence. Entrance was only granted by presenting the original of the invitation and a valid ID. Well, I dont know if my Libyan diplomatic card, issued in 2009 is still valid, but I managed to get in. These procedures were quite understandable after the attack on the British Ambassador´s convoy in Benghazi.
The crowd inside was in a relaxed mood, despite the fact that the location was heavily looted and ransacked during the revolution. However, the garden remained unharmed.
It was impressive to see how many UK citizens are back to work/business. Many old faces, but also quite some new faces. British companies are very active in the security field, and, of course, everything service-industry related.

But even under difficult circumstances, British rules and order has to prevail. For those guests who would have wished to make use of the pool, be advised to shower before entering !

Just the crowd at the bar was not that organized as one would have expected, being on British territory.

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