Montag, 7. Januar 2013

2nd hand Cars from Europe

The amount of second hand cars form Europe that keep arriving to Libya is tremendous. Fueled also by the temporary abolition of the law that impedes importing cars that are older than 5 years.
This led to a total congestion of Tripoli streets during daytime. Traffic is only bearable when there happens to be a "mushkila" (problem) in town. Then everybody goes home and waits for the next day.

However, one of my alternate drivers probably got the car with the best sticker-symbol on it. He realised it only in Libya, when one more traditional oriented compatriot stopped him and told him he must immediately remove the christian symbol of the fish on the car.
He refused to do so and still keeps on driving with the symbol on it.
So watch out what stickers your car from Europe carries ! 


  1. I applaud him for not giving into the pressure to remove it.

  2. ... and he is a VIP - you can judge from the number on the license plate!

  3. ... Well, the fish looks still nice, there is an alternative sticker for cars of the famous German stylish island SYLT which looks like a scratch on the car: