Freitag, 12. April 2013

Austrian milk arrived in supermarkets

Austrian milk from the heart of the Alps arrived to Libya. We know already from a couple of Austrian producers that have shipped milk into the country where only few cows can be found. However, it is the first tetra pack that I physically hold in my hands.
I guess I don´t have to lose any word about the quality of Austrian milk. But why all of a sudden into Libya ? Well, retail keeps being king in Libya. In our office we receive many businessmen (or "wannabes") who ask about Austrian producers who do not have their Libyan agent yet. A good percentage of those simply want to get their share of the money involved and do not have any experience. Though quite some, on the other hand, can show a good track record and have, in addition, some other brands in their portfolio.
It will be interesting how Monoprix (and other supermarket chain projects that are in the pipeline) will change the landscape.

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