Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Austrian Soft Drinks

Libya is one of the first few countries that has adopted and put into practice the new international regulation about selling soft drinks in restaurants. The rule goes that in case you offer Austrian drinks, which by any means are superior to their competitors from other countries, you should clearly point them out to your customers.
Thus, the restaurant "Chateau" on Ghargharesh has fulfilled international standards and clearly differentiated Austrian soft drinks from the rest. Due to their high quality they could easily be sold for double the price of their competitors. However, Chateau is selling them at a real bargain of only a 1/2 Dinar higher price.

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  1. Hello...
    Are you Austrian? Living in Tripoli? I have been in Tripoli for almost 7 years up to 27 Feb 2011 when we left Tripoli International Airport... nice to read you write in English about Tripoli this time... keep writing.