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Series: Famous golf courses of Libya, part II - Mudi GC

After reviewing Ghargharesh Golf Club we continue our tour towards Zawiah, where we find Mudi Golf Club. This is actually the only Golf Course I would consider getting somewhere (and really only somewhere) close to what is called a golf course in the rest of the world. It is actually a farm where some olive trees have been cut to make way for 9 wholes that all have a "brown", made out of sand, instead of a green.
The owner, Mr.Mudi, himself an oil engineer, had the idea of putting up the course and installing a driving range. During the last few years and up to today Mudi GC remains the only driving range in Libya. A bucket of balls is 5 LYD (3 EUR) and if you don´t watch out, you might hit a turkey, a hen or an ostrich off the tee. Although on my last visit I did not see the ostriches any longer.
Mr.Mudi is a bit sad, as business is completely down. Sometimes some Koreans drop by, but otherwise business is dead. He calculates that the revolution has cost him at least 200.000 - 300.000 Dinars. But he adds that it was worth every penny.
With some foreigners returning, he might upgrade the course and do what he planned to do already in 2011 and 2012.
Good luck Mr.Mudi !

How to get there ?
Drive towards Zawiah, about 5 kms before entering into Zawia you find a sign n the main road saying "Mudi Golf" and an arrow indicating a turn to the left. Enter the road for about 500 meters and you will get to Mr.Mudis farm.

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