Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Gadaffi´s sons´ villas in Regatta

Well, there is not so much left of all the former houses of Saif-Al-Islam Sadi and Hannibal in Regatta. It used to be an area of Regatta where you could not get very close to. When one of the sons were there, you could were already controlled very thoroughly at the entrance. Coming closer to the houses was not easy, jogging, the security personnel would let you get as close as to see one of the Eastern European beauties sun-tanning on the beach.
These days the villas are still visited by some "Thuars" - provided they are being let in by the guards at the entrance. On one of the parking lots of the villas, one could still see that apparently the Romans were "en vogue" and so were also replicas of roman statues (see picture below).

Some people still enjoy the place and happen to organize picknicks there during the weekends.

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