Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

Did you ever wonder what happened to Regatta ? Over two years after you have lived there and left from one day to the other ?
The good news first: You don´t have to worry about your things anymore. There is absolutely NOTHING of it left anymore. Although 90% of the houses are not inhabited anymore and Zintanis have moved out from the houses, time has erased all physical memory.
And now the bad news: Regatta is not yet ready for you to move back in again. Some houses (most of the new former Repsol houses for instance) have been repainted and quickly renovated, but the vast majourity remain empty and are in urgent need of renovation. However, since the new year, some cleaning up activity can be noticed.
And for those of you who used to sit in the seaside pizzeria and waited for at least one hour for your pizza to come - I guess you recognized the restaurant again on the first picture.


  1. Though I didn't live there, I spent many happy days and nights in Regatta.
    Expecially to see the still playground makes me sad.
    Thanks for this pics, so now I can see what I imagined...

  2. So, so sad. I wish we could do something. Angela Leeb

  3. Schon vor Jahren wurde unsere schöne Villa in Garden City dem Erdboden gleich gemacht. Wenn ich nun die Regatta Bilder sehe, fällt mir spontan die 1. Zeile eines Zitats von Goethe ein: ES WANDELT NIEMAND UNGESTRAFT UNTER PALMEN...