Freitag, 26. April 2013

The Girza have the problem

Have you ever been to Ghirza ?
It is deep inside a valley, about 100 kms from Misrata. And it is not really the Hotspot of the region, but if you are keen on Roman and Byzantinic treasurs, this is the place you would like to visit. Some magnificient roman tombs have been well preserved due to the arid climate in that region. Not far away, a couple of Roman houses and fields offer an insight into life at that time. On the ground one can find remainders of pottery, bricks and probably many hiden treasures.
But what about the people living there now ?
Well, I met them, although looking at the town, it seems you are in a ghost town. Approximately 120 people live at the moment in Ghirza, in houses that were built in the 80ies by Gadaffi. Without electriyity and water. However, the Great Man Made River pipeline is not far away, so at least they found access to water. And electricity is produced througha generator. Every day between 6-10 PM it produces a bit of electricity that lets them feel in civilisation. But otherwise,
"The Girza have the problems",
as one of the elders tells me. No school for their kids, no money, no future. They say they feel miserable.
And they ask me to spread the word....

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