Montag, 8. April 2013

GECOL and the Electricity Network in Libya

Something is moving in Libya. At least in the electricity sector. Those living in Libya will have noticed hat blackouts have become much less frequent. The winter before was a nightmare: cold, dark and no sign of improvement. During last summer daily shortcuts were also common. Three international companies, Alstom, ABB and Siemens are servicing the "General Electricity Company" also called "GECOL" and are trying to make the network more reliable. The next big test will be in summer, when aircondition units will test the maximum capacity of the network.
On the pictures you can see the main storage facility for french Alstom, I just happened to bump into it. But don´t worry my french friends, your secret location is safe with me...
And readers form GECOL: Did anybody tell you that I got really annoyed after you cut electricity at my home for not paying my bill within a week after delivery of the invoice ?

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