Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Bab Tarabulus Renaissance Construction

Especially for my friends from Renaissance in Turkey, this blog entry will be in English language.
Otherwise, sorry guys, in Austria we speak German, and the target audience of this Blog is Austrian enterprises and Austrian Expats. But some of you, my dear readers do translate my blog through google translator, as i have learned.
So: Yesterday I visited the "Monster construction site" Bab Tarabulus. This was a project on the future junction of Airport Road and Third Ring road. Lying on one of the prime traffic junctions of Tripoli it was a good spot to build a mutlifunctional complex. Turkish Contractor RSC - Renaissance Construction - was awarded the contract in 2008. The project started in 2009 and started in high speed. As usual in the construction sector, there were always rumours, that the project was stopped, halted, then resuming again. However, the progress could be seen continously. The complex was to comprise of residential buildings, a huge shopping mall (the biggest in Tripoli), health club, cinemas, etc.
With the beginning of the revolution RSC also left the country and all its workers evacuated. The construction site itself looks pretty undamaged an unlooted,. Just the office complex is in a poor condition. In some offices still some leaflets of subcontractors lie around, but otherwise not much (except for some furniture) is left. The offices were also used by the Austrian construction company "Porr" as a temporary office before they moved to their camp close to the new National Stadium.
The camp for hundreds of workers is now being used as a refugee camp for the people of Tawargha. But this is another story....

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