Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

The (Austrian) hero from Tripoli

Finally ! A newspaper in Austria (actually the biggest one) came out with the story of the Austrian NGO "Hilfswerk Austria International" working in Libya.
And especially for you, Asma (2nd photo), this entry is in English !
Heidi Burkhart, the CEO of Hilfswerk travelled already to Libya when others were still paralyzed by the events in Misrata and Eastern Libya. first aid deliveries arrived the Jebel Nafusa as early as April, more trips were to follow. By taking along Austrian journalists, Heidi made sure that Austrian media would report about the "rebels" in the Jebel, and some nice stories resulted from it.
When OMV decided within their CSR to launch a project for children and the youth in Libya "Hilfswerk" was invited to take part in the tender procedure, and finally they won it.
Their taking part in humanitarian projects from the beginning of the revolution made them an excellent partner.
Since October, Nina Borufka - Project Manager (oh, thx to the article I finally know her age :-D  - and Asma Khalifa are working day and night in our office. Preparing the opening of the Youth centre in the heart of Dahra.
1.500 children and teenagers will soon be treated with Art- and playful therapy of their traumas of the war.

And Asma?
Well, if she is not busy in organizing meetings with the Minister of Health, Minister of the Wounded, Minister of Education, etc. she is looking for a signal for her Wimax Internet connection.

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