Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Abu Seta Horsetrack

Renovated in 2009, Abu Seta offers a place for joggers in a quite central location in Tripoli. Just next to the headquarter of the mobile phone company Libyana, and not far from Mitiga airport a horsetrack and newly built runners track await the sportive Libyan youth.
Right now the weather would be perfect for it: 18° during the day, little rain.

The planners thought of any eventualities and put up clear signs which shoes shall be used for running. No high heals in any case, no matter if male oder female runner.
However, I would have added the typical Libyan pair of shoes "Flip  Flops"
One round at Abu Seta horse track is exactly 1.220 meters, which makes it a pleasant round without running around a loop like a rat in its cage.
The rubber track is especially gentle to the ligaments and is in an incredible good conditions.
Oh yes, and a new development: Visitors do not have to pay LYD 1,- entry fee anymore.

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