Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Celebration of the Anniversary of the start of the Revolution

Exactly one year ago the revolution started in Libya on 17 February 2011. At that time nobody would imagine that one year later the old "kingdom" flag would be waved by thousands of people on Martyrs square (see photo below). Nobody uses anymore the name "Green square", equally as nobody waved a green flag.
The coastal road was completely jammed and in the late afternoon the queue started already on the Gurji roundabout (about 2-4km from Martyrs square away).
Everybody had a Libyan flag in his hand and many, many people approached me, wanting to know where I were from, or simply to tell a story from the revolution or to express their happiness.

There were two remarkable encounters: One with a former fighter (Thuar) who has never been in Libya before April 2011: He was born in the USA, went to school there and studied dental medicine for three years. However, he felt Libyan more than anything else, and knew he had to go to the Jebel Nafusa and fight for the freedom of his country. He thus went to Kabao and went all the way fighting through Gharian and in the end reaching Tripoli. He felt completely relieved and happy, though said: "We will need minimum 6-8 years to become a real country. Do you know what I mean? A REAL country. This will be the greatest day in my life."
The second one was with a random Libyan (actually there were more with the same message), telling me that this was the greatest day in their life. Coming to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution. But the most remarkeable thing was that nobody had to pay them, or to force them to come to Martyrs square - everybody was there because of his own will.

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