Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Chilling after work on Ghargharesh Beach

What are "Thuars" (fighters) doing after they finish work ? They go chilling out on Ghargharesh beach and enjoy the view of the sea with their "toys". Of course, everybody is most welcome to try sitting on the Anti Aircraft gun, shoot some fotos, or just talk about how incredible the last few months had been.
My first question was, i they were from Zintan. They confirmed that some of their group came from Zintan, but others came from Zawia, others from tripoli and even some fighters from the East were among them.
However, they insisted that they were from the "National Libyan Army" and all now serve under one umbrella.
It was remarkeable that everybody had their badge and even the uniforms start looking more uni-form.

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