Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Libyan Driving

One knows of being back in Libya when you see at least once a day a car accident where you would wonder how that had happened (like the one above on second ring road). Libyans are the best people, have a great heart and are helpful like hardly anybody else. But when it comes to driving they turn into mad dogs. Wherever one has been, whatever chaotic metropolis one has experienced, the judgement is unisono: Libyan driving is unique and could not be worse or more dangerous anywhere else in the world.
Libyans drive fast, without any rules, park on highways and seem not to have any age limit for their kids to start driving. After the revolution the minimum age for kids to start driving seems to have been further reduced. Often teenagers can be found behind the steering wheel.
I heard a theory for the weird driving, which kind of made sense (however this applied for the old days): Life used to be so restricted and regulated in many areas. On the streets, there was hardly any control. I have never heard of anybody getting fined for speeding. Thus, the streets were a valve for aggressions that could not be lived anywhere else. and officials accepted it (at the price of one of the highest death tolls/capita of the world).

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