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Drive like an Ambassador in Libya

U P D A T E  5.11.2012
No more offers please, deadline is closed

Did you ever feel some envy when you saw a big stylish car with a red license plate driving past you ?
Did you ever think that 007 (James Bond) had a cool life ?
Did you ever wanted to know how it feels being an Ambassador ?

If you answered one of the above questions with "yes", there is relief in sight !
The Austrian Embassy is selling its former official car. During four years, the Ambassador used to sit in the right rear seat - you might still feel his aura around.
The car will not be sold with the red license plate, but I guess that these days in Libya nobody would complain if you painted your new then white license plate red, and thus gave yourself more of an "Ambassador" feeling.
The car even has a possibility to mount a flag (flag pole), so especially militias with their own flag could make great use of it !

Now the facts:
Volvo S80, 2.5 T, model 2007
Colour: white
Transmission: automatic
Milage: app. 80.000 km

Petrol, 147 kW, air condition, central lock, CD/radio, minor car body damages in the past, after the revolution no professional car service because of lack of Volvo garage

Asking price: € 9,000.00 o.b.o.
Offer: only written offers accepted
Pls. send offers to:

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