Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

RedBull Stratos: Felix, land in Libya !

Dear Felix,

we in Libya, are closely following your jump from the edge of space to earth, or as one Libyan said excitedly: "Felix nemsawi (=austrian) tomorrow will jump from out side the earth"
On this very occasion we would be very pleased if you could try to make your landing in Libya. To be more precise, our mission control team (#Djerbasos - you can find its great work also on Twitter) has selected a landing zone in a remote area some 100 kms west of Tripoli, between a town called Suarah, and another one called RakDaleen. Libya has a very high consumption of Red Bull, so it would only be fair to land here.

You should find the spot easily from space, as we have marked it with a car and two Red Bull cans on it. It is located on an unfinished peace of the Libya - Tunisia highway, as all infrastructure project are on hold at the moment. If you have difficulties finding it, just look for the place on earth with most armed people and most RPGs around. I am sure this is an easy task !
Attached also find a map of the spot, take it with you, so you can find it while approaching earth again. And then, think of it: Libya is quiet close to Europe and to your home country Austria, so why would you like to land in the US?
One friendly advise: Try to avoid a town called "Beni Walid", some "mushkila" (=problems) are going on there.

Once you have landed, stay calm. Some wild looking men in flip-flops, baseball caps carrying all types of weapons (mostly AK47, aka "Kalashnikov") might approach you, shouting "Alahu Akbar" and shooting in the air. Don´t worry, it is their way of saying hello. Some of them might have long beards and long robes, but they are a minority.
Once you managed to absorb the visual shock, you will find out that they are amongst the most friendly people on earth. If we did not manage to be there for dinner, please don't hesitate accepting an invitation for a "Baseen" or a "Fish Couscous", both typical dishes for that very region.
I am sure you will spend a great time with them.

So now, good luck Felix, and see you in Libya !

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