Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

News for a whole year in a day

Driving to work in the morning I usually end up in traffic jam. Either on the highway (second ring road) already, or when entering the city center, the latest. I could avoid this if I went already before 8 AM to the office, but hey, I have lived to long here to be at ( in the office...
So i found it a great opportunity having some pick ups with heavy machine guns mounted, driving in front of me and clearing the way.
What I could not know at that time was, that they were going towards the Nasr conference hall because some protesters from Zawia were not happy with the new government that was about to be presented in front of the GNC. So they decided to drive to the conference hall were the GNC met and to block the access.
However, we put a news about the new government on our website, at the time we were ready, it was already obsolete. Whoever likes to read this and wants to see the proposed ministers, follow the link: New Government (in German)
At the end of the day, GNC rejected the proposed list of ministers by the PM.
At the same time, things were getting a bit unpleasant in Beni Walid with fighters from Misrata and from Tripoli making their way there.
Well, on this day, businesswise not too much happened....

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